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Discover the Secret to the World’s Most Innovative Health Coaching: Eating Psychology

Any of us who’ve struggled with food, body, and health know there’s ultimately nothing more valuable than our personal well-being.

And YET, most professional programs – whether an Ivy League education in medicine, a Ph.D. psychology program, or a certification in health coaching – do not teach you the MOST important thing when it comes to helping people transform their health.

It’s the one body of knowledge that somehow gets overlooked in the vast majority of curriculums.

And that’s HOW to get people to make the changes that will lead to greater health, and to a better relationship with food and body. To effectively coach people, we must know not only “the what” but also “the how.”

At the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we teach Dynamic Eating Psychology, a field created by our founder, Marc David. Eating psychology teaches us that the secret to behavior change lies in the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings we hold about food, body, and health.

Rachelle Eason, JD, CPC, ELI-MP, CTNC, Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

After I completed my certified professional coach training and transformational nutrition certification, I felt like I was missing a piece of the puzzle and went searching for it. I found The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and felt that the program would really bridge the gap between my two passions – life coaching and health and well-being. I was impressed by Marc David’s work and all the tools and resources IPE offered. The training did not disappoint.

As someone who has suffered from emotional eating and what I perceived as a “broken” mind/body connection, I searched for years for the “fix.” I realized the hard way that getting to the crux was going to require more than the “eat this, don’t eat” that model and ultimately owned that my issues didn’t really have anything to do with the food. I knew that to get real, raw, and lasting change, I must get to the root cause and do the real work no matter how hard it would be.

I wish I’d have found the Institute for the Psychology of Eating sooner! This program provides invaluable insights along with tips and tools that will help me, and ultimately my clients, realize sustainable results using methods specifically designed for true transformational healing. Thank you to Marc and the team for creating a program that brings together mindset and spirituality work with interest in nutrition and fitness and providing tools and protocols useful in helping people make real and lasting changes.

Addressing our eating psychology is KEY to getting our clients to:

Overcome emotional eating, binge eating, and overeating

End decades of yo-yo dieting, and find a healthy, sustainable weight

Learn to love their body and who they are inside-out

Resolve nutrition-linked disorders like digestive complaints, fatigue, immunity, mood, and more

Discover their own intuition around food, nutrition, and their bodies’ unique needs

Make any change they want to make to their health and well-being

Don’t get us wrong.

Diet, nutrition, and lifestyle are very important! And that’s why we teach our own unique brand of nutritional education called Mind Body Nutrition (all about how our digestion, assimilation, and metabolism are profoundly affected by things like our stress, environment, and the world around us).

But all the good health coaching or medical advice in the world won’t do your clients any good if they’re not actually taking that advice.

That’s where the Institute’s Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training comes in. With thousands of graduates from over 100+ countries worldwide, we’re known for providing a cutting-edge health coach education you can’t get anywhere else. We combine the rigorous, science-backed education you expect from a health coach training with a mind, body, heart, and soul approach focused on transforming our clients’ psychology.

This powerful approach gives you all you need to catalyze amazing change in your clients’ lives: not just to their health but also to their happiness and life fulfillment.

So… if you love health and wellness, and want to develop an innovative career in this space (where you get to be one of the rare coaches who knows how to create lasting change for your clients), we invite you to tune into our upcoming live event series about the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training.

In this free, multi-day event, you’ll:

Hear directly from Marc David, M.A., bestselling author, speaker, and host of the popular Psychology of Eating Podcast, and the lead teacher in the Training

Learn about the Training, what we teach, and our mission to create a worldwide movement of practitioners with the expert skills and wisdom to transform food and body challenges

Be inspired by the personal stories of graduates who have gone through the Training and hear what they’re now doing in their coaching careers

Receive a special offer for the Training, should you be inspired to enroll!

The event goes from February 22-28, and will feature Marc, a couple of the Institute’s staff, and several of our amazing graduates!

Simply opt-in below, and we’ll share all the details with you by email.

About Marc

Marc David, M.A., is the bestselling author of the books, Nourishing Wisdom: A Mind Body Approach to Nutrition and Well-Being and The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight Loss, a frequent speaker and consultant, and host of the celebrated Psychology of Eating Podcast. Marc is also the Founder of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the world’s only health coaching program devoted to teaching the principles of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. With students in well over 100 countries, the Institute champions an uplifting, inclusive approach to food and body that honors each individual’s unique physiology and psychology, and that sees eating challenges as a doorway to personal growth and self-actualization.

Kim Howie, M.A. Psychology, Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

I’m thrilled to have participated in the Mind Body Eating Coaching Certification Training! I graduated from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition and have been a Certified Health Coach for almost ten years now. In addition, I have recently earned my Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology. This training was the perfect compliment to those programs. Marc’s approach to health and well-being is cutting-edge and refreshing! The training has greatly improved my coaching techniques and has helped me to personally relax around food. I’ve spent almost a decade following a very strict diet and exercise regiment that oftentimes impeded my ability to live a joyful life. Becoming embodied and teaching my clients the importance of being embodied has been life-changing for me both personally and professionally.

I loved the format of the training, as it allowed me to learn at my own pace at times that fit my schedule. As a working mother of two teenagers, my time is limited, but the platform was easy to access from my phone so that I could listen to the modules from anywhere. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend many of the group calls, but appreciated that they were recorded so that I could listen to them at my leisure. I loved all of the downloadable resources, and have used several of the handouts with my clients. This program is definitely worth the time and financial investment! I only wish I had signed up sooner! Thank you Marc and team for creating such a wonderful program!