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Challenge & Scholarship!

​​This contest is all about you, your vision, and your inspiration to become a Mind Body Eating Coach, both personally and professionally. The field of eating psychology holds the key for so many in their challenges with food and body. We want to hear from you, learn more about your story, and discover how this certification will empower you to move to the next level in your life and career.
​​The IPE Inspire Social Media Challenge and Scholarship Contest is guaranteed to be fun and meaningful – providing you with meaningful learning opportunities, and giving you the chance to win a scholarship for the Winter (February) 2021 Mind Body Eating Certification Training.

The Details:

One of the most common questions we get asked is “How can I coach others when I still have so many of my own challenges around food and body?” Another way of asking this is, “Can I really make a career out of this when I still haven’t healed my own issues?”
Friends, this question makes perfect sense. We want to feel as qualified and as ready as we can before diving into a new career.
Here’s the thing, though: it is those very issues that make us uniquely qualified to become a Mind Body Eating Coach. Without them, we’d lack the inside-out knowledge and experience that empowers us to effectively work with clients.
As Marc teaches, we truly only have to be one step ahead of our clients to be able to coach them well.
In this upcoming challenge, we are going to help you get more clear than ever about how your own challenges with food and body uniquely qualify you to work with others on these issues. And we’re also going to dive into the special promise of Eating Psychology and the amazing professional opportunities available to you as a Mind Body Eating Coach.
By the end of the challenge, you’ll be more inspired and excited than ever to begin your new career as a Mind Body Eating Coach.
The challenge is called IPE Inspire
It’s all about you realizing your unique value, and how you stand to benefit both personally and professionally as a certified Mind Body Eating Coach.


In this challenge, we’re going to show you:

How personal growth = professional excellence

How your personal story uniquely qualifies you to be a coach

Who the ideal clients are for you and your background

Why Mind Body Eating Coaches are needed more than ever before

Here’s how it works:


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Over the course of 5 days, you’ll receive an email with a short video lesson along with a brief exercise for you to complete


You’ll post your daily exercise on Facebook or Instagram along with the hashtag #IPEinspire


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Here at the Institute, we’re on a mission to transform the way people think about food and body challenges. That’s why we created our premier certification Training giving people the skills and the confidence to work with some of the most important eating concerns of our times: weight, overeating, binge, and emotional eating, endless dieting, body image, digestion, immunity, mood, fatigue, and much more.
Friends, more than ever the world needs practitioners skilled in the principles of eating psychology – a paradigm that holds the key for so many people who struggle with nagging food and body challenges. These issues simply aren’t going away. 
We know that the best way to make a BIG impact is to get this game-changing information into the hands of passionate practitioners – people like yourself, who are driven to help others finally heal and transform their issues around food and body. Here at IPE, we’re focused on giving you the skills you need to work with these complex challenges, as well as all the practice and business tools you need to build a career that is both meaningful and profitable.

​​We are awarding several scholarship prizes with this challenge!

Specifically, we’re offering FOUR scholarship prizes:

Honorable mentions – $1,000 off total tuition


1. ​​Sign up on this page with your name and email

2. ​​Keep an eye out on your inbox every day between January 4th – 8th and watch the brief video you’ll find there

3. ​​Complete your daily exercise and post it on your favorite social media outlet (Facebook or Instagram preferred)

4. Be sure to use the hashtag #IPEinspire for each and every post

5. ​​For the last day of the challenge, write a brief 300 word essay highlighting your inspiration for pursuing a career in Eating Psychology, and what it would mean for your personal and professional life.

6. ​​At the end of the challenge, send us an email with the links to your posts along with your essay to

Bonus points: Invite others to take part in the challenge! Be sure to use the hashtag #IPEinspire so we can see what you shared.

The contest starts on January 4th, so please sign up soon!

How the scholarships will be awarded:

​​A group of certified Mind Body Eating Coaches on our team will personally review each entry.

1. ​​Your successful completion of each and every step in the #IPEinspire contest. You must carry out all 5 days of activities.

2. ​​The quality of your daily exercises. We’re looking for creative, thoughtful, and of course, INSPIRING posts. Make them count!

3. ​​The depth and quality the brief essay you’ll write at the end of the contest.

​​Please note: The IPE Inspire scholarship contest is specifically for students attending the Winter (February) 2021 Certification Training. Please only enter the contest if you are serious about joining our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training starting on February 16th!

​​Daily Inspiration!

​​Discover how personal growth equals professional excellence!

Day 1: The Opportunity (for YOU)

As we’ll dive into later in the contest, the career opportunities available to Mind Body Eating Coaches are truly limitless. Whether you choose to focus on issues related to emotional eating, endless dieting, digestive issues, or any number of other food and body challenges, there are so many exciting directions you can head in.
Before we go there, however, we’re going to take a step back and first consider your own unique challenges with food and body. Because when you go through the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training, you’ll have the opportunity to not only learn how to work with others on these kinds of issues, but also you’ll discover a whole new path to healing and growing yourself.
We’ll talk about how a commitment to one’s own personal growth inevitably leads to professional excellence. And you’ll have the chance to reflect and share with us what you’re most looking forward to working through personally, and how this sets you up for success as a Mind Body Eating Coach.

​​Daily Inspiration!

​​Identify how your personal story uniquely qualifies you to be a Mind Body Eating Coach!

Day 2: How Does Your Personal Story Qualify You to Be a Coach?

We’ll take yesterday’s exercise one step further by exploring how your own life journey, with all its highs and lows, uniquely qualifies you to be a coach.
​​So often, we overlook our life experiences and focus solely on our professional qualifications. And to be sure, qualifications matter! However, we do a disservice to ourselves when we minimize our personal experiences.
​​In Day 2, we’re going to consider how your personal life story can translate into the perfect client base for you. You’ll think about the key experiences that have shaped, changed, and transformed you – and how it is these very experiences that set the foundation for a thriving career as a Mind Body Eating Coach.

​​Daily Inspiration!

​​Explore your vision for working with people on food and body challenges – who are you most inspired to work with?

Day 3: Who Do You Want to Help?

Now that we have considered your personal background, we’ll begin to consider who you’re most inspired to help. A Mind Body Eating Coach can work with clients on so many kinds of food and body challenges. The education you’ll receive in our Training gives you everything you’ll need to work on a variety of issues.
We know, however, that you’re probably going to want to focus on a particular kind of client. By doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to develop the professional acumen and expertise that will lead to incredible results for your clients.
In Day 3, we’ll explore the demographic of people you feel most passionate about helping. And you’ll share with us who this is and why it’s such a meaningful client base for you to work with.

​​Daily Inspiration!

Define how Eating Psychology is such an important area of study for the times we’re living in.

Day 4: Why Mind Body Eating Coaches Are Needed More Than Ever

Traditional approaches to food and body challenges are so often rooted in behavioral change. Eat this, don’t eat that. 
But very often, these approaches don’t produce lasting results for our clients because they’re not getting to the root cause of the issue. What we teach in the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is that understanding why people are dealing with their food and body challenges is key to transforming them.
In Day 4, we’ll ask you to share why YOU think Eating Psychology is the answer to today’s food and body challenges.

​​Daily Inspiration!

​​Share your inspiration and passion as a future Mind Body Eating Coach!

Day 5: Your Inspiration and Vision as a Future Mind Body Eating Coach

You’re so close to finishing the #IPEinspire contest! Very well done.
On this last day of the contest, we’re going to explore your unique inspiration and passion for studying Eating Psychology and becoming a Mind Body Eating Coach. You’ll have the chance to think deeply about what this career means to you and your future clients, and get you excited and juiced up in the process!
We’ll ask you to write a 300 word essay reflecting what this career opportunity is all about for you, the inspiration behind it, and how it could lead to a more fulfilling life for you – and your clients.
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